Durbanville Glass Products

Aluminium Products

  • Windows – Side, Top Hung, Fixed Windows, Horizontal and Vertical Sliding Windows.
  • Doors – Sliding, Hinged Entrance Doors , Palace and Vista fold
  • Louvres -
  • Top and Side lights for Sliding / Patio doors
  • Burglar Bars


  • Pivot doors
  • Tri slider
  • Corner entry
  • Return panel
  • Bath Screen
  • Frameless showers Shower/ bathroom enclosures


  • Mirrors
  • Sandblasting
  • Glass repairs and installations
  • Re-putty work

Additional Products:


Laminated glass offers greater protection for people and properties over other glass products. The standard two-ply construction provides resistance to penetration when subjected to attempted forced entry. In multiple configurations, laminated glass can even resist bullets, heavy objects, or small explosions.
  • BLOW

Sound Control

The sound damping performance of the PVB makes laminated glass an effective sound control product. Laminated glass is commonly used in airports, museums, sound studios, and schools to reduce unwanted noise from aeroplanes, heavy machinery and traffic, to name a few.

Solar Energy Performance

Laminated glass offers unique combinations of clear or tinted interlayers and solar heat reflecting coatings which can serve to reduce the harsh effects of glare and solar radiation to create comfortable conditions for the occupants of buildings.

Ultraviolet Screening

The ultraviolet (UV) filtering performance of the polyvinyl butyral interlayer helps protect valuable furnishings, displays or merchandise from the fading effects of UV radiation.

Natural and man-made disasters

Laminated glass can help provide protection from injury and property damage from man-made or natural disasters. Bykeeping the glass intact within the frame, laminated glass helps reduce injuries from large shards of flying glass caused by, for example hurricanes, earthquakes or other unusual loading on the glass.


ColourVue™ laminated glass products are made from various combinations of clear and tinted glasses and PVB interlayer. ColourVue™ is available in a wide range of colours to meet a variety of aesthetic, glare reduction and solar control demands. Coloured and patterned interlayers can be used individually or in various combinations to create colourful and distinctive glass facades, partitions and interiors. Because the patterns and colours are encapsulated between layers of glass, ColourVue™ is easier to keep clean than sandblasted glass, and it does not peel like applied vinyl. ColourVue™ reduces damaging short-wave ultraviolet radiation and offers additional safety, security and noise control benefits. The lighter tints eliminate some solar energy and are intended for use in glazing areas where safety, glare control and aesthetic qualities are required. The deeper tints improve glare control and provide a higher degree of solar heat elimination.


SolarVue™ provides medium solar control and a neutral, low reflective appearance in a range of colours. A thin deposit of nickel and chromium eliminates more than 55% of solar heat, while transmitting more than 45% of visible light. SolarVue™ also eliminates more than 99% of damaging UV radiation.

Suggested Applications:

  • Medium solar energy control
  • Glare reduction in buildings
  • Glazed partitions and screens
SolarShield® makes it possible to create attractive buildings with highly efficient solar control. The combination of a metallic coating and a clear or tinted PVB (polyvinyl butyral) interlayer is designed primarily to keep out as much of the sun’s heat as possible. In addition to reducing solar heat, SolarShield® also limits the amount of light entering the interior and blocks up to 99% of damaging UV radiation. SolarShield® is a laminated safety glass marked to SABS 1263-1. It can be custom manufactured to meet various safety, security and noise reduction standards. SolarShield® is available in a range of colours and three densities of coating. The numbers S10, S20, S30 refer to the light transmission of the coating, which in turn is directly proportional to the amount of solar heat entering the building. For example, S10 indicates 10% light transmission on coated glass prior to lamination.

Suggested Applications:

  • Maximum solar energy control
  • Curtain walls
  • External solar screens
  • Skylights
  • Glare reduction in buildings
  • Glazed partitions and screens
  • One way vision panels
  • Reflective glass for wall cladding
  • Decorative safety mirrors
  • Lift interiors

Acoustic Laminated Safety Glass

Acoustic laminated safety glass is manufactured with a special vinyl interlayer that offers better sound control than traditional polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers. The sound control rating of glass is expressed as a weighted sound reduction index (Rw) measured in decibels (dB). Conventional laminated glass with a single normal strength (NS) vinyl interlayer is rated at 33dB. A high penetration resistant (HPR) interlayer can improve the rating to 34dB. Acoustic laminated with a 0.76 mm HPR interlayer is rated at 38dB and provides a noticeable improvement in sound reduction. Acoustic laminates also works better at lower temperatures because the Acoustic interlayer retains its sound reducing properties better than traditional PVB interlayers. In addition to a better weighted sound reduction index, Acoustic laminates offer superior dampening across the coincidence dip – a frequency range in which glass of a specific thickness typically becomes more transparent to sound waves.


Acoustic laminates can be glazed into standard aluminium, wooden or specialist frames to control noise from a variety of sources, including aircraft, road traffic, music systems, public events, schools and other busy institutions.


CoolVue® glass meets the growing demand for natural day lighting and building transparency, without the heat gain associated with ordinary clear glass. CoolVue® can transmit more than 70% of visible light while blocking more than 50% of solar heat. CoolVue® clear or tinted glass offers similar levels of heat reflection as SolarShield, but CoolVue® provides lower visible reflectivity, which allows through vision by day and at night. CoolVue® is manufactured by laminating a wavelengthselective heat-rejecting coating between two layers of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) and glass. CoolVue® also reduces sound transmission, increases safety and security, and filters up to 99.5% of damaging short-wave UV radiation.

Suggested Applications:

  • Solar energy control
  • Retail display and ‘view’ windows
  • External solar screen
  • Industrial and roofing glazing
  • Two-way visibility
  • Curtain walls
  • UV eliminationToughened safety glass is ideal for bolted structural glazing and frameless applications. Superb resistance to thermal stress also allows toughened safety glass to be used in applications such as refrigerator and oven doors, where ordinary annealed glass would be likely to fracture. Toughened safety glass is available in a range of thicknesses and various colours. Toughened safety glass meets the safety glass requirements of the South African National Building Regulations. Toughened safety glass is up to 5 times stronger than normal.

Monolithic Float Glass

Durbanville Glass also offers a service in which we will do the deductions and design layouts of your frameless showers once tight sizes are supplied. Frameless shower hardware is also available, and please contact Durbanville Glass for assistance.


  • All doors and side-lights, framed or unframed
  • Sliding or patio doors
  • Glazed panels in doors
  • Balcony enclosures
  • Shower doors and bath enclosures
  • Barriers between different levels
  • Low-level glazing
  • Balustrades
  • For hail resistance
  • Kitchen splashbacks
  • Where additional strength for wind loading is required
  • Where glass is subjected to high thermal stress
  • Table tops


DecorVue patterned glass obscures a view without noticeable loss of natural or artificial light. DecorVue is available in a range of textures, making it possible to achieve the desired functionality with a decorative effect that complements the aesthetic environment.

Three levels of privacy are available:

  1. Low obscurity,
  2. Medium obscurity or
  3. High obscurity

Double Glazed Units

Double Glazed Units are manufactured from two or more panes of glass held apart by a spacer and bonded with a hermetic seal, trapping dehydrated air between the glass panes. Their primary function is to improve the thermal insulating properties of window glazing, as well as contribute to safety, security and acoustics. The appearance and performance of Double Glazed Units can be modified by incorporating different glass types and thicknesses, altering the width of the spacer bar or gas filling the cavity space.

Warm Edge Spacer

Durbanville Glass supplies Double Glazed Glass units using flexible spacer bars and promotes “Warm Edge Technology”, which contributes to energy efficient buildings. The flexible spacer follows the edge of the glass and is a complete insulating glass spacer system which requires only one start and finish joint. It does not allow heat loss transmission through the

Spacer Bar

A Global Vision Many countries are committed to reducing energy consumption. Windows have been targeted as a major energy reduction opportunity in residential and commercial buildings. Evidence shows that the total amount of thermal emissions can be reduced if Double Glazed windows are used. Double Glazed units are destined to become a major trend for years to come.

Benefits and Functions of Double Glazed Units

  • Controlling heat and cold transfer through windows
  • The reduction of sound transmission
  • Increased wind loading resistance
  • Minimizing the formation of condensation on glass
  • Increasing safety and security