Garage Doors

Super door alu-lux sectional roll up door:

Standard colours:

  • White
  • Bronze
  • Charcoal

3 fluted or blocked garage door 2500 x 2180mm (single) Incl. motor and hardware kit
3 fluted or blocked garage door 4960 x 2180mm (double) Incl. motor and hardware kit
*Custom sizes available on request for special pricing*

Lead time:

Standard sizes 10 – 12 working days
Non-standard sizes 12 – 15 working days

The hardware also includes the following:

  • Garage door remotes x 2 (Plus a backup battery for power outages)
  • Garage bracing angle punched 2m (used as fixing mechanisms. It can be bent or cut to your requirements)

General information:

  • The Aluzinc garage doors are 2-4 times less corrosive than other garage doors.

Finger shield:

This is a side view of the pinch prevention. This Garage door is designed to protect you from hand or finger pinching injuries.

With this safety feature it also has a higher intersecting join that seals each panel into the next panel. This Garage door prevents dust and rain penetration.



Double the strength intermediates:

Double lipped intermediates allows for double the glued area. Greater glue surfaces, which consist of a polyurethane high modulus glue, has been proven to be the best in adhering metal to metal, ensuring a 50% tougher bond.


Double the strength end caps:

The boxed endcaps being fixed on both sides supports the panel, preventing bending and allows for tougher and more fixing of hinges and hardware.
Hinges that is fixed properly has a smoother and quieter functioning door.







Back – up battery:

A back-up standby power system in case of a power failure

Sectional or tip-up garage doors:

The garaged door is design for the automation of residential sectional overhead doors and one piece overhead

1 Piece draw bar:

The one piece draw bar is already assembled with the chain and
carriage for an easier installation.  The draw bar has a safety
manual release feature. The draw bar is available in different
lengths to suit your required opening for up to 2.7m high.

Remote Controls:

A durable 4 button remote control to attach to your keychain.
The device allows you to operate as many as four separate

External receiver:

Adding this receiver to your sliding or hinged gate system allows
You to use your garage door remote control for convenience and security.

Light Function:

A wide angle lighting for your surroundings. It has a 2 minute delay after opening.

Fluted Garage Door: